HERstory Month 

We’re taught from childhood that we are disposable. We learn that prioritizing everyone but ourselves is a means of survival. We unquestioningly believe ourselves to be so unworthy that we overextend in an effort to legitimize our very existence. Blackness requires that you bend to will of white supremacy. Womanhood requires that you bend to the will of patriarchy. Your worth lies solely in how far you can bend without breaking. Once broken you’re discarded. And it’s on to the next.

Soooooo here (take a look around) and over on my Insta (@ForBlackGirlsWhoAintOK), I’ve been doing a Self-Care Challenge in honor of all the women in my life who have done so much to shape who I am and the women worldwide who shape and mold us all. This month I honor all those women who stood and still stand at the crushing intersections of race, womanhood and mental health by taking control of a few things in my life that I’ve allowed (for whatever reason) to take a backseat. This month is in honor of the woman I work to be. Don’t get me wrong: it sounded a little self centered to my ears at first to honor others by doing for myself. It’s still very much a foreign concept. But for those who have bent and for those who have broken:

May we always remember that we matter enough to be cared for. We matter, if not to anyone else, ourselves. ❤


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