First blog post: I did a thing


Here it is. That blog I said I’d start… *insert fanfare*

And you’re here! Despite my sarcasm, if you’re reading this I’m super grateful. You’ve probably encouraged my writing at some point or another and I appreciate that so much more than I could ever express. Both writing and sharing Thoughts with an audience is a huge part of how I process this wild world, as I encounter it. It’s cathartic. Writing functions not only as a medium to share the shit knocking about in my brain, but as a record of my development. I find myself reading old things I’ve written in search of clues about who I was at that point and who I am now. It leads me to wonder if other people do that. And if they do what will they think of what they find here?! *insert embarrassed emoji* I started and stopped this blog because of that reason alone lol. It’s frightening as hell but a necessity for me to commit to putting my Thoughts out there like this.

So here it is. That blog I said I’d start. And here you are. Thanks.


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