Self-Care Challenge: Day 5

Myself as well as many other darker skinned folks in the US have a tendency to have lower amounts of protein-bound vitamin D, so we don’t typically store as much for later synthesis when sunlight is less plentiful. I know I’m indoors unless I HAVE to go out and even then, there isn’t much sun. True vitamin D deficiency is linked to a butt load of physical ailments but studies show there is also a link to depressed moods. (The jury is still out on a link to causality.)

I’m not saying going out in the sun one time is going to magically cure your depression. BUT generally when I go out I’m with people I love, I’m dressed my best, and I’m doing something enjoyable. And those feel good vibes (being with people who care about you, feeling good about your appearance, having fun) are long lasting. Double duty essentially. So (if you can) make it a regular habit to go get some ☀️.

Fun Fact: “The population in the United States with the best bone health happens to be the African-American population,”

(PS If I link you to a product/ app/ site etc., I’m not getting any benefits from your clicks/purchases unless I state otherwise. Links are for information purposes only unless otherwise stated.)


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