Self-Care Challenge: Day 7

My work space is super simple. I cleared the clutter literally and figuratively. I don’t need much. My space keeps me focused because lord knows my mind can jump from place to place on a whim. So TV off, phone in another room, whatever is left of my coffee close by, and background music that doesn’t make me want to twerksumn and I’m in the zone.

I’ve found that the thing that keeps me relatively sane is being engaged in writing some how. I’m fortunate enough to be able to at least TRY to devote an hour a day to it, whether it’s fleshing out an existing idea or giving life to something new. I also eat more cookies than I’m willing to admit. It’s part of the creative process…

(PS If I link you to a product/ app/ site etc., I’m not getting any benefits from your clicks/purchases unless I state otherwise. Links are for information purposes only unless otherwise stated.)


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