Hey there!
Ever see a toddler that knows the lyrics to all the Top 40 but can’t recite the alphabet? Don’t know their numbers? Can’t use the potty? Can’t do algebra? Hasn’t cured world hunger? Don’t you just want to judge their parents, their upbringing, their intellect, their potential as subpar?!

Just before I invite you to go fuck yourself, and tell your Mom what a shit she raised, know the following:

Singing to and with children promotes:

  • Auditory memory connections
  • Vocabulary development
  • Auditory discrimination
  • Phonological awareness (a precursor to success in literacy, SUCH WOW!)
  • Understanding of syntax

Even further when I Nae-Nae with a baby they are:

  • Learning balance
  • Testing cause and effect
  • Learning timing
  • Getting exercise
  • Engaging in cultural transmission
  • Bonding with a caregiver
  • Socializing
  • And having a great fucking time #BlackJoy

Look at my face: Classism and racism. Cus that’s what this is REALLY about. Now go reflect.




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