Self-Care Challenge: Day 10 

I don’t remember NOT being able to read. My mother came downstairs one morning to a 5 year me behind the newspaper reading because I had read all of my own books several times over. My sister caught me reading her copy of “Girl”. All the sex, drugs and rock and roll (grunge, actually) my prepubescent mind ever knew existed lol.

I’ve always loved books and the way you can just lose yourself in them. I’ve built whole worlds and hid away in the pages of heroes, mythical creatures, and everyday people trying to get by. The books I fell into have been central to developing my voice as a writer, my talent as an actor, and my eye as a photographer. With each I’m telling a story.

So I’ve started making time for reading, at least 30 minutes a day to relax with a good book. I want to recapture the magic of being “lost in a book”. Starting this month, my goal is to read 2 books a month. I have a modest goal of 20 books for this year. So If you’re on Good Reads feel free to send me some suggestions! ❤

Currently reading 📖: Flowers for Algernon


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