Self-Care Challenge: Day 11

Anyone can set a goal. I set them all the time! But something wasn’t working. I’d sit down and make a list and by the end I’d come out with a big list of my faults which made me feel even worse. Goals are supposed to give you something to look forward to. They’re supposed to help tie you to something. I can sometimes feel “untethered” which makes it easy to slip into depression for me. I scary how quickly I can convince myself that my goals are stupid, or that I’m not worthy of reaching them. My therapist suggested that I set goals around what I WANT to do instead of things I want NOT to do. 
Before, a goal would look like: 

“I want to stop being so depressed.”

Oooook… of course lol. Who wouldn’t? Now when I set a goal it looks like this:

I want to do things that bring me joy. 

1. Take a dance class

2. Start running again

3. Practice photography

It seems like such a small difference to change the wording but it helps to get at what I REALLY want and exactly how to get it. I know exactly what makes me happy. ❤


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