Self-Care Challenge: Day 13

Trigger Warning: Suicide mention

What you’re looking at is a portion of a FREE app called Pacifica that helps to manage anxiety and depression using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness techniques. These sections are called Guided Paths. A prerecorded therapist for the app talks to you about whatever item you click giving you tips and tricks and then there’s an exercise to put it all into action. If you’re struggling:

GET 👏🏾


APP! 👏🏾

I’ve been using this app for a month exactly today. A month ago my anxiety got really bad. I was having panic attacks several times a day, feelings of worthlessness and I was isolating myself. I went from a depressive episode where I felt indifferent about death to actively wanting to hurt myself. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, I lost 8 whole lbs and I’m trying to keep the weight I have 😂 All that to say I was in a really messed up place. I found this app and at first I was just using the log to rate and describe my feelings. It seems counterintuitive to THINK about being anxious. But it helped me to see WHAT was making me anxious and to keep reminding myself that my anxiety was speaking. Not reality. I could almost talk myself down in a way. So slowly, between having immediate access to this app when panic sets in, having weekly sessions with my psychologist (I bring this with me and sometimes I share it) and medication I’m in a MUCH better place. Lately I’ve been checking out the other features on the app like the Guided Paths for even more benefit. ❤


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